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LeadVy Positive Marketing Will Increase Your Brand Value

Positive Marketing Will Increase Your Brand Value

There are some brands you cannot imagine daily life without them. Can you name some of them?
Successful marketing is intended to influence the consumer in a positive way; self-esteem, happiness, and confidence.
Positive marketing has the potential to bring change in personality and community, as well as build brand loyalty. To transfer this principle to online marketing, here are some of the key factors that are effective in building positive marketing efforts on the Internet.

1. Make your customers happy.

Make your customers smile, and they will share their experience with others and spread your brand much faster than you think. Help your customers to have positive emotions in their daily live and your brand becomes inspirational. People will buy your products and service to share happy feeling.

2. Value your customers individually.

Relation with customers has to be two ways. It is important to treat your customers as a value not as a figure. Active customer service, simple thank you, soft follow-up will give them great feeling that they are well taken cared for. When sending your email make sure to include some wording such as “I hope this email fines you well”, “Enjoy your week end”, “Looking forward to hear from you” will build long term relationship with your customers. They will look at you as a value not as a product with best price.

3. Emphasizes ease of use and friendly user experience.

Make your customer comfortable while going through your website. You do not want your customer to face some buttons not working, or some broken links.
The first step of positive marketing and building brand loyalty is to make your website functional and easy to use in all screen sizes. Laptops, tablets, mobiles, also logical and axiomatic user experience while navigating through the website. Does your website has a search bar? Is it easy for your visitors to find the required information? Do you educate your customers through blog articles?
It is a good practice to ask fresh visitors to go through your website, and watch out their user experience. You will be surprised of what you will find.

4. Always communicate with your customers.

Social media channels are the best way to stay connected with your customers. You can receive customers’ feedback, notes, and suggestions or even complains. Keep being active on social media and give direct replies to your comments, and make him feel special, you will send a positive marketing message to public that you are a company that takes care with its customers.

5. Protect your customers and gain their trust.

In online word, it is very common to hear about hackers, viruses, email frauds, sites are down. Let your customers feel secure while working with you, make sure you are taking the necessary measures to protect them. This will build trust to your brand and make your customers feel that they are dealing with solid and legitimate company that takes its online presence seriously.

Invest in positive marketing.

Enjoy the growth and depth of your customers’ base while spending more time in making positive marketing as a fundamental in your company culture.

Sufian is a technologist at heart and has been true to his calling since the 1980s when he became the Software Development Director for SAKHR, the first Arabic Computer. After more than a decade of unprecedented success with SAKHR, Sufian co-established ATLAS Dictionary in 1995, the region’s first hand held electronic dictionary. Today Sufian uses his vast experience to lead Horizons’ Operations team which is responsible for the flawless delivery of all our clients’ projects.

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